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I am an Oxy-gas cutter in Lone Wolf Wealth Planning company.and I am also a blog writer, Iwrote many types of blogs like astrology and quranic dua to get love back. I have 16 years' experience in business communication consulting.I have an appreciation for things in life that are beautiful and have a creative as well as an analytical side. I enjoy the process of creating and implementing as well as seeing the fruits of my labor. I am an innovative person that enjoys challenging the status quo and finding new ways of doing things.

NRF24 Wireless LED Box

by , Thursday February 27, 2020
 NRF24 Wireless LED Box
Over the years, I have built and use many communication methods for my robotic projects. No system is perfect, I have work with the EZ-link ( Bluetooth module), XBee, RobotShop PS2 controller, etc. However, my favorite so far is the nRF24 board with its breakout board, for voltage control due to its low cost and all the benefits that come with the board. One of the biggest benefits of the nRF24 is that the board can act as a dual purposes device,....

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