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Hi everyone! I'm Melinoe, and I tend to write about whatever can reach the keyboard fast enough. I have a few movellas in mind and I hope one takes your fancy, thanks!:)

*Also, sadly my picture isn't me, it's the beautiful Temple.

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    Enjolras, anyone?

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    Hi everyone! Just wanted to put my (first!) movella out there for people to see, I felt obliged to write after watching Les Mis and falling in love. Let me know what you think of my OC - you're all extremely talented so any feedback is great - and stay tuned for more to come! :)
    Link -
    Viva la Vida"Do I not matter?" I screamed, dust settling in my furious lungs. "You could have fought for me too, Enjolras! There is more to life than this damn revolut...
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