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HEY!! U may not know my real name, yet��. But I'm "shipped with Michael because of my I don't give a fuck attitude sometimes (as my friends say) and I love punk rock! Btw fav bands: 5SOS, The Vamps, Foo Fighters, Five Finger Death Punch!�������� I love food and DOGS!!! AND KITTENS!!!����(btw no profile pic yet cuz my thang bein stupid.��)

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    When r u gonna update this again? I really like it and it's a good idea to make them different characters!
    The Home From The 1960's
    The Home From The...
    When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?
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