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Number 1: I am a shadow
Number 2: I take forever to write Movellas
Number 3: I love Roleplay
Number 4: I love Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4)
Number 5: RWBY fan
Number 6: No bullying on my page or I will feed you to the tv
Number 7: I am handsome...ish
Number 8: I love sushi
Number 9: Don't mess with my cabbage,tv,or waffles
Number 10: You can call me Adachi-Senpai or Adachi-San if you like
Number 11: I will take mean or rude comments on my Movellas but I won't take the straight up harsh ones.
Number 12: My Persona Card is the Reverse Fool.
Number 13: My Persona is Magatsu Izanagi
Number 14: I love animation
Number 15: This is number 15
Number 16: We don't talk about Fight Club...
Number 17: I like movies
Number 18: I like music
Number 20: Favorite song: Pompeii by Bastille
Number 21: 9+10
Number 22: I love Neapolitan from RWBY
Number 23: WHAT ARE THOSE?! *points at your shoes*
Number 24: Who wants to talk about murders?!

  • |\Shadow Adachi/|

    mumbled ""Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy...""

    About two days ago I saved a puppy from falling off of a staircase. Then later I saved a kid from being bullied. The kid thanked me. Called me a Hero. I was proud...and happy...very happy. Until later in the night. I woke up to my mom screaming. I went into my mom and dad's room and found my mom crying over my dad...He had a heart attack. The ambulance came just in time to save him. They took him to a hospital and I sat near him the whole time...He woke up. My family was glad and he was up for awhile...until 5hours later...when he had his second heart attack.......He passed away......

    "Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy"

    I was a hero...and a tragedy was written for me...

    I won't be one for a couple of days because of it...

    peachy keen
    4 years ago
    I'm so sorry! Rosa and your Father will always guide you. I am very sorry for your loss. You know( ish) how close Rosa and I were, so I know how it feels to lose someone close to you. I should have took some time off from Movellas. Please, know that they are bothe watching over you as you carry on.
    |\Shadow Adachi/|
    Rosa passed on?......
    peachy keen
    4 years ago
    Yeah...... I thought I told you.... When she got out of the hospital she got in another accident but it was so bad......

  • |\Shadow Adachi/|

    The Need for Speed

    A street racer...or the strong...pest...or exterminator.

    Hardcore racing against the cops (with some love in between) crashing,drifting,and winning...dodging traffic...driving to the the city of Redview... the best of the best...they have...The Need for Speed!

    Racer or Police:
    Car: (picture) (NO OVER SPEEDY CARS. Cars highest speed can be up to 150 mph.)
    Name of car: (optional)
    Backstory: (How you became racer or cop)
    Love interest: (optional)
    Extra: (optional)

    Up to two characters!
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    @[Shadow Adachi] hey
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    @[Shadow Adachi] should we just start over or make a new one

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