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    When did this happen?
    Just Say I Love You
    Just Say I Love...
    Ryan Hollis, a shy nerd, has his eyes set upon Monica Everett, a studious girl from one of his extra-curricular activities. He can barely work up the nerve to ask her out, nevertheless speak to her. They...
missjns13OMG I just saw this. But thank you soooooo much. xx
6 years ago
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    mumbled "Playlist #5"

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    Happy Sunday! Very juxtaposed play list this week but let's hop to it. Cause we're bunnies or something. Whatever before you guys kill me for calling you bunnies let's do this. Yeah. Okay imma stop talking now.

    The Only Reason- 5SOS
    Two Pieces- Demi Lovato
    Glory and Gore- Lorde
    Warrior- Demi Lovato
    Word Up- Little Mix
    Hero- Sterling Night
    Somewhere in Neverland- All Time Low
    Jasey Rae (acoustic)- All Time Low
    Writing on the Wall (acoustic)- Late Night Reading (they aren't a book club)
    Rumor (acoustic)- Late Night Reading (they aren't a book club)
    If these Sheet's were the States- All Time Low
    Forever my Father- Go Radio
    Sweater Weather- The Neighborhood
    Can We Dance- The Vamps

    Alright noobs and cheeseballs there you go.
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    mumbled "Playlist #4"

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    By special request from @[It'sTESSAAA] they're back. So yeah. let's do this while I remember all the crap I've listened to this week. :P

    Where Did The Party Go- Fall Out Boy
    Writing on the Wall- Late Night Reading
    Let Her Go- Passenger
    Say Something- A Great Big World
    First Dance- nevershoutnever
    18- 5SOS
    What I Like About You- 5SOS
    She Looks So Perfect- 5SOS <<<<<<<<<<<<< Okay so funny story, I started singing that today at drama and got to the American Apparel underwear part and go strange looks from people. Lolz who cares 5SOS FAM FOREVER! I also found a fellow 5SOSer other than Ella and I almost squealed. I'm so freaking excited.
    Salute- Little Mix
    These Four Walls- Little Mix
    Little White Lies- One Direction
    Right Now- One Direction
    Summer Love- One Direction
    A Love Like War- All Time Low
    A Different Beat- Little Mix

    Tessa has offended me by saying my taste in music is indie hipster chick therefore I'm trying to broaden my horizons. So she should be sort of satisfied with me because I'm not as bubble gum pop as it could be. It's sort of bubble gum pop. Another funny is the NOT CLEAN version of Talk Dirty came on the radio came on and my best friend was calling his mom. How freaking attractive? I turned it off as soon as possible but yeah. I also listened to The Black Parade last night. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THATS BY it's by MCR and I didn't want to bang my head against the wall.

    Until next time...
    Watch How I Met Your Mother, Watch The Big Bang Theory, and get a boyfriend.

    Stay Cheesy,
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    It's slightly better
    6 years ago
    I mean I like most of the songs you like. It's just that my music taste is slightly broader than yours.
    6 years ago
    well that's because you're ghetto and stuff.
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