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Introducing Juniper

by , Friday August 17, 2018
Introducing Juniper

My Fairy's Introduction: 

Who Juniper really is...

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  • xjunix

    mumbled "About the second Avengers book"

    1 years agoReply
    Hey guys, how's it going? I just wanted to let you know I updated "Aurora's Ascension" and now you can read the full part one of this two-parted book. Don't worry, I'm almost done with part 2 so you'll see that uploaded in the same book very soon as well!

    Thanks so much for the reads, I am beyond amazed and honored <3

  • xjunix

    mumbled "Updated "Avengers: Loki's Journey" "

    1 years agoReply
    Hey guys, sorry to have kept you waiting for such a long time, but I just uploaded several new chapters to "Avengers: Loki's Journey" and I honestly hope you love them! Thanks so much for the reads so far!

    ~ xjunix
  • xjunix

    mumbled "About that editing problem"

    1 years agoReply
    Hey everyone, looks like the editing issues have been dealt with ( at least on my end) so now you can finally check out Chapter 2 of "Avengers: Loki's Journey" properly.
    Thanks for reading!
  • xjunix

    mumbled "About the new chapter of "Loki's Journey""

    1 years agoReply
    So, I updated "Loki's Journey" but now I can't edit the new second chapter to look proper and not like trash. Please ignore it for now, as the draft option doesn't work either. Thank you so much!
  • xjunix

    Issues with Editing

    1 years agoReply
    So, I don't know who else has this going on but I tried three different browsers by now - Chrome, Opera and Edge and none allow me to edit my stories. Help please what is going on, I really don't want my chapter to remain looking like trash! Thanks!
    11 months ago
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