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My name is Renesmee and I'm a 14 year old girl who lives in the Uk. I love doctor who and Twilight. David Tennant or Jacob Black. Who to choose I can't there both yum yum.

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    Absolutely incredible. I love your poem it flows well. Good luck in the competition.
    For the strange the dreamer competition. It's a poem about one of my most memorable dreams. A dream I had of two people fighting for love.
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    Wow. There were a few small errors, but nothing that can't be fixed. Mostly though, it was great. I love how your story flows, and how each chapter continues from the last. I have to say, I can't deny the chemistry between Chloe and Harry, it is just adorable. I ship Chloe and Harry, me and many more of your fans want them to be a couple. I love this story. Beautiful writing Sabitha, this has to be one of your most best stories ever, I love it.
    Save Me
    Save Me
    Chloe Shell hasn't had the best of life. Since, her mother dying in a car accident when she was younger, and then her fiancé running away on their wedding day. Chloe has just about given up on love. But,...
    6 years ago
    Thank you so much for taking your time to read my story. I ship Chloe and Harry too, they are such a beautiful couple.
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    There are many amazing entries for this competition. I wish everybody the best of luck. Good luck to all, and may the odds be ever in your favour. Here are some of the best ones I have read, and I would reckon they should win. I have not picked these because of likes or because of their popularity but their individual piece of writing, and story which has engaged me. In no set order. Here are some I reckon have been put a lot of effort, and hard work and are really amazing works. Which I think have got the work which I believe should win. There works are amazing. Good luck. Hope you guys win.
    The Holy Night by NathanielStanley
    Pearl White-An one direction fan fiction by Sakura
    Yours to command by Mortal
    cyber by pochapal
    Scott Riddles secret by Alicia Keyes
    Mask by literate Lia
    A magical month by GhaliaWrites
    My bullysitters by Katielovesu101
    Tobias Eaton-Divergent by ♥MiaFlora♥
    Finding you by J.K Panesar
    The legend of Zelda by Enya Sanders
    These are all my favorites, and I hope you take your time and give these a reads. There all brilliant. I wish all of these entries that I hope they win, and I wish everybody the best of luck. Good luck. These are just the ones that I have read, and they were extremely good. So I thought they deserve the mention. Please read. Good luck!
    7 years ago
    Thanks you so much that means a lot to me. Love you too.
    infinite affection
    Thank you so much! It means so much!
    7 years ago
    Oh my goodness, thank you :D
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    I absolutely loved the descriptions the way you describe the characters, and it made me feel like I was really there and could feel the mother pain and you created a image. There was some very beautiful illustration. Good luck in the competition. Hope you do the very best in it. Wish you luck.
    Your Guardian Angel
    Your Guardian Ange...
    A story of a guardian angel, who guides the dead to hell or heaven. Everyday it's the same people, but one day the guardian angel gets a shocked.
    8 years ago
    Thank you very much for the lovely comment and for reading my story. Thanks for reading. Glad my hard work paid of.
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    I love this story. It is interesting , and captures my attention. Good connection to the song. Nice work Mia. Love it. Good luck in the competition.
    Wings Are Made To Fly
    Wings Are Made To...
    Wings Danforth is the girl nobody cares about. The girl classed as a loser by everyone. The girl nobody talks to. Her dad is too busy to see all the tears shed. The only person who understood her was...
    8 years ago
    Thank you so much
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