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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Veronica. I really hope you enjoy my books. I had so much fun writing them for all of you. Please like, favorite, and follow!

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    My sister made me sit through all the twilight movies once. It is safe to say that by the first half of the first movie, I was looking for the sharpest corner to hit my head on. Really, it's that bad.

    I fail to see how one, sparkling vampire, and one very ugly and shity actress, can even come close to love and passion that Anakin and Padmé shared. And believe me, there times in Attack of the Clones that I felt Hayden could have done better on. (example; the fireplace scene.) But outside of that one tiny scene, Hayden is an amazing Actor. He did a wonderful job on Anakin, who is my all time favorite SW character.

    So to sum it up, Twilight is SHITY & AND STAR WARS AND THE SKYWALKERS RULE. Goodbye.
    Why Twilight Is Better Than Star Wars
    Why Twilight Is...
    For all "Star Wars" fans. ;-)
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    Please update
    Drag me Down (Book three)
    Drag me Down (Book...
    Sequel to night changes. Ellie has gone back to college and Megan is going through hell. With a new baby, megan has to face Harry, and everyone else who might have issues. Cover by: DanielleCullen all...
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    Story of my life
    Story of my life
    Okay this is about my life really okay and for one i HATE one direction just wanted to make that clear anyway so this is about my life pure and simple
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    OUT NOW!!!! The
    Furst four chapters of "forever yours" are OUT NOW!!! Check it OUT!! Don't forget to love and follow. Thanks!!!
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