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I love 5 seconds of summer������✌️

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    Please update ��
    Save ME
    Save ME
    My step-sister wants me to save her from being unknown at school can I take the challenge. But when I complete the challenge April and her step sister are going to have a lot of problems
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    Please update
    The Neighbor
    The Neighbor
    When Julia Robertson moves to Sydney Australia, she moves next door to a boy. This boy is always watching her from his window. She finally gives up the nerve and goes over to his house to introduce herself....
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    Update please��
    Baby Blue
    Baby Blue
    Rosie Baggings never knew why her parents split up, but she had learned to except it and move on with it. However when a new boy comes to her school, she notices her mother tightens the rules and hardly...
    4 years ago
    For sure love! I would personally like to say a very hug sorry to you, and everyone else who has read this, that I haven't been writing lately, I feel like poo about it, but trust me, I will put my hear and soul back into this. Thank you for the support
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    Update plzzz
    Don't Fuck With Me
    Don't Fuck With...
    Alezia is your stereotypical Baddas. Luke is your stereotypical Player. Where's the fun if the Baddas and the Player get along? There isn't any. Alezia spends her time Skateboarding and beating up...
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