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Another fangirl. Another nerd.

I have essentially dedicated my life to books, movies, tv shows, comics and everything of the sort. I love so many fandoms; I used to list them here, but I lost track on updating it :)

My dream would be to live a life like all of the characters we love do. Some people don't believe that's possible; they don't believe in the supernatural, or superheroes, and that our world can't be saved.

If that's your opinion, I won't try to change it, but keep this in mind: those who don't believe in magic will never find it -Roald Dahl. If you don't want to find magic, you're missing out.

Now enjoy this picture of pikachu :D


  • Brianna WandArrow

    mumbled "Story!!!"

    AAAHHH SO EXCITED! So my friend @Hannah WandArrow and I have been working on a book that we are hoping to publish for over a year and a half and we are almost done. It's currently 171 A4 pages long, and most books aren't printed with A4 pages, which means it's going to be over 200 pages long! We have a goal to publish (we're self-publishing) it in the middle/end of June this year, which is about a month from now. We still have a lot to do, but we think we can still make our goal. We will probably post the first couple of chapters on movellas once it is published. Also, if you would like to buy the book once it's out, you can buy it as an ebook or online and we will provide some links to where to buy/order it once it's published. Thanks! :D Brianna
  • Brianna WandArrow

    mumbled "Followers!"

    As a fellow movellian (I think that's what it's called), I don't generally have that many followers on here and I still don't compared to a lot of other people. But I woke up one morning and had about 5 new followers and I thank all of you so much! Of course, I also thank my older followers for sticking with me and love that people enjoy my writing. Thanks so much to everyone! :D Brianna
  • Brianna WandArrow

    mumbled "1 Year Anniversary!"

    I just realized that tomorrow I will have been a member on Movellas for a year! I hope everyone has been enjoying my content, and I'm sorry I haven't updated much. I've been working on a story (not on Movellas :C) with my friend @[Hannah WandArrow] a lot and it's over 200 book pages! Also, my most recent story 'Lies' is kind of rushed and not that good as I was in a hurry to enter it for the Insurgent competition. I don't think I will win. Nevertheless, enough with the excuses. I will try to update more often and I'm happy to have been with Movellas for a year! Have a great day everyone! :D
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