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NOTE: I no longer post on this website. It's too restricting and too much trouble. I do continue to write stories, you can look up RaisedByMusicc on almost any fanfic site and I will be there. Wattpad is probably my most active one that I get on the most. My Jalex tumblr (Jalex-feels) is also the next biggest one :)


Hi guys! I am Ashley! I'm 18 and i live in the US. I read way to much fanfiction but then again i don't think anyone could ever just be a 'casual fanfiction reader'. I read lots and lots of Jalex and Kellic. That about it really. I can never seem to get into anything else. I also write my own stories! I am working on some stuff right now! Feel free to message me and talk to me!

Warning: I do write lots of sexual content, so If you have a problem with that, than dont read my stuff.