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The child that was forgotten by the Adams Family �� Without music life would be a mistake❤��Music��bands��Proud Slytherin��Fresh from Hogwarts�� Some many concerts, so little money... XD please read my works and fanfics it means a lot! thank you for all the support.

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    HELLO HELLO HELLO EVERYONE! I'm so sorry for going missing! I'm alive, 2016 was a really shit year but this year I promise I am back and I have been organising a upload schedule. This means.... I will finally have regular chapter updates and if all goes well I'm considering starting a blog. I apologise once again to all my amazing followers who have stuck around, to everyone who has viewed my works and fanfics and to everyone who has commented :3 thank you all so much for everything and I can't wait to finally be back and get writing! Xx
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    sooo um....... my happy little phan just reached 600 reads?? THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU SOOOO MUCH!! You guys have no idea what this mean to me! keep reading and stay fangirlicious always XX I promise there is an update coming ive just been superrrrr busy and working on other fanfics too. Also guys would you want me to post the chris lanzon fanfic I've been working on for my bestie? he's this guy from this band called in stereo and my bestie made me write her a fanfic cause she's obsessed with them so comment if you want me to post that and you all need to tell me what to do with my happy little phan please i need fan feedback asap! love you guys :3
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    Okay guess im giving everyone till the 21st of september to vote their option that shall decided what will become of "My happy little phan" this is so i get a chance to write something and plan also im going to the sleeping with sirens concert on the 20th of september so i need time to plan that! Love you guys the support means alot Xx stay fangirlicious always!
    My happy little phan
    My happy little...
    dan and phil. what a love story. this is how it goes. do you believe in phan?? this is going to be a phan oneshot to the song happy little pill by Troye sivan from his EP TRXYE. enjoy and stay sweet ;3
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