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Fan fiction is my thing ;)
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    mumbled "....."

    I've been promising for months to update WUATWP yet I haven't! I'm going to try as hard as I can to get my updating schedule sorted and make sure I'm writing well for you guys. I've just been so busy these past few months I haven't found time. And as you know, Christmas and New Year are coming up soon, so regular updates won't be happening until the new year. But I'll try to get a chapter posted for ya'll in the next week, since I've started my Christmas Holidays now. AND ANOTHER EXCUSE, this weekend I'll be going down to Edinburgh to visit my dad until Christmas Eve, so I'll either have a chapter posted tonight or Christmas Eve. Love you all, and thanks for sticking with me while you wait for updates! <3
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    mumbled "Terrible Updating... Again!"

    I am sooooo sorry! I promised a couple months ago to update more frequently for you guys, but I haven't updated for months! I hate doing this to you guys, you always have to wait months and months for a chapter. And I always have an excuse. This time, it's because I haven't had my laptop for weeks because I broke the charger. I'll have a new chapter published between now and Sunday, I promise! :) x
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    It's crazy how amazing this fan fiction is. It's such an eyeopener to anorexia - and a definite must read on Movellas.
    I Refuse.
    I Refuse.
    Annabel is anorexic. She doesn't want to admit it, but she is. She's read plenty of books that sugar coat anorexia, saying that you'll get over it quickly and will all be okay. She knows it won't, though...
    Katy Erin
    6 years ago
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    Thank you so much, that's very sweet :) x
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    What a brilliant idea! I'd love to have the opportunity of being interviewed here! I understand if it'll take a long time :)
    An Interview with a Movellian
    An Interview with...
    Ever wanted to know MORE about your favourite movellians? Here's your chance! This movella is a collection of interviews from movellas most talented authors! *Awesome cover, made by the even more...
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