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  • Sahaana Kiritharan
    Could I have one please.

    Eye color blue
    Hair color and style. Blonde hair color and hair similar to the old Justin Beiber with a bang that hides one eye
    Skin color. White peachy
    Elf ears. Yes please
    Freckles. No
    Objects. A golden gun. A gold crown on his head.
    My Anime collection
    My Anime collectio...
    I kinda jumped on the band wagon ... yep, I'm creating anime people!
    Beautifully Saiyan Panda
    Sure! It'll take a while, as I haven't been updating as frequently as I should. I'll be sure to post it, soon. :)
    Sahaana Kiritharan
    Oh ok, that's fine I don't mind waiting.
  • Sahaana Kiritharan
    Hair style: two long locks on either side of face with shorter hair in middle (like Omissa)
    Hair colour: blonde
    fur colour: blonde
    eye colour: brown
    accesories_ none
    facial exression: a smirk
    clothes: blue hoodie

    Please and thank you.
    Fwuffy Movellians - CLOSED -
    Fwuffy Movellians...
    So, I thought my profile pictures are so popular (due to a recent mumble) I thought I'd make this little Movella. You may request down below in the comments if you would like a picture of yourself as a...
    6 years ago
    Sowwy. :( My computer to draw these fwuffies isn't feeling very well.

    - Aldrin
    6 years ago
    Apologies people. :(

    Maybe it will be back up... one day.

    - Aldrin
    Cyborg ninja dude
    Are you still doing requests?
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