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I love the fantasy genre with a bit of adventure. I love to have romance in my books and let it flow in a nice way. I love to have gore in my books and a lot of blood. So welcome to my side. The place for adventure with gore deaths and romance.

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    So I been working on a project for a while now. Turning my Danganronpa Monochrome murder books into a voice acted youtube series. It's been going great and we got art for the series like my main character Helena here.

    I would love you all to join us on discord

    Hope you come join us. Hehe
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    Finally, the new chapters of Love blossom will start. The Christmas chapters will come out with a long period between them but all of them are around 2x as big as a normal chapter + a bit more maybe. The first one for Rei and Josephine is already out.
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