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"Cos I live for only anime.(and it's a cool name )"

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"Where there is love, there is bound to be Heartache"
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"Say, I love you"

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"Hirunaka no ryuusei"

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BTS, EXO, MONSTA X, VAV, ATEEZ, TXT, Linkin part, TFK, Imagine dragons, Alan walker, Marshmallow, 21 pilots.


by , Tuesday June 19, 2018


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    mumbled "I can't publish via Phone!!!"

    1 months agoReply
    Hello Movellians, Today I'm kinda sad. I was so excited to join the kpop Fandom competition as I just found it 3 days ago. So I tried my best to wake up all night in to writing 3 chapters, but unfortunately my laptop is broke and so all I had was my phone. I typed on my phone and stayed up late through night cos this competition meant so much for me. But every time I tried to publish via my phone. It doesn't work. Why can't it get publish? T_T
    Fudge my life, I've never been so sad in my whole life. :C
    Does movellas have some bugs? Or its just no way around in to publishing story via phone? Any ideas Movellians? Plz help me out :c
    The Intelligence Division
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    Try putting the text in cloud storage, then visit a library and publish from a computer there.
    1 months ago
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    What cellphone do you have in apple iOS you can write but the app is crashes and writing disappears
    1 months ago
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    @[Rain :)] yes, I'm so sad right now.
    @[The Intelligence Division] I would love to but it's so faraway from where I live. I really wanted to post from library but as you see I can't go alone. My parents would suspect me as if I run on a date with some boy. They are kinda overprotective XD
    @[fantasygirl1] I use Galaxy note 3 (samsung) but let's just dropped this topic. I don't want to write more. C:
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    mumbled "About: P U R P L E"

    1 months agoReply
    Heya guys, long time no see. Just some refreshing theme made be come back right on my lost track here. So have you guys been liking the theme or not? Hmmm many will oppose but I think it's our journey in kinda new Uniform.
    Also it is to inform the ppl who were been thinking that Movellas is becoming a silent place for teenage writer... Well that's not it. When you see the new theme isn't it obvious that Our community have finally gained sponsors and finally the money was spent on the website to make it more strong and unique for you guys. So don't be hard on the team. You should always appreciate others in order to move on.
    That's it... the thing I want to talk about.
    I hope some problems from the website get fixes ASAP. So you all have no problems at all.
    Have a great weekend guys
    Rain :)
    1 months ago
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    I dont think there are too many people who hate it! I got a shock when I first saw it tho! It was totally unexpected. ♡
    1 months ago
    I'm new too and I am loving this forum so far!
    1 months ago
    @[Rain :)] yes same here. @[NovaDayzK94] heyaa, I hope you like this community more. And make a lots of friends here. If you have anything to ask. Just let me know. C:
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    2 months agoReply
    Hey how are you. I'm so sorry I totally forgot to make you a gift. Tomorrow is my exam and my timing of remembering was the worst. I'm so sorry again. In this hurry I made a sketch for you. You said once you loved cats, and you even have yours. I made a sketch of you and your cat, plz ignore the japanese. My deepest apologies from my cat as well.

    Here its what i think of you while making it.XD

    @[Dreaming of Tomorrow]
    2 months ago
    If link doesn't work :
  • AnimeAffinity
    3 months agoReply
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    Here for signup for July. Omg I forgot how this form works lol XD. Well I can handle cover editing, stuff and can help in social design.

    My story:
    Project: Blacked OutAs the World proceed in to the cold era where there's no warmth for anyone. All that there is, are weaponry and means to defeat one another. To destroy,...

    Now I've promised someone to write a coauthor a story. Gotta do whole Lotta work XD
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