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Hewo I am TheFreakingFangirl... You can call me... I dunno?

Do you like my profile pic thing...? I am quite fond of it. :)


My Fandoms and the information stuff:
-Percy Jackson/ Heros of Olympus, daughter of Athena/Hermes... It's complicated
-Harry Potter, Hufflepuff... I see you judging!
-Hunger Games, District 7
-Divergent, Dauntless and Amity... It is also complicated

That seems like a very short list, everyone else has list that go on forever. Goes to the corner to cry. Just kidding.
Haha... Awkward laugh.

Please friend me on Pottermore- SilverEye17158

My fictional boyfriends:
(There is one for each fandom)
-PJ/HoO is Travis Stoll, @Whats-Her-Face is dating Conner
-HP is Semus, don't ask
-HG is... I don't have a fictional boyfriend
-Divergent is Will <3




You better keep reading or I'z will goez all ninja on you.
Beware the ninja

Anywho... Why isn't that a word auto corret? :)
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Last but not least... Check out What's-Her-Face <- Numbers... She is my buddy.

BYEEEEEEEEEEEE <-- that's a lot of E's