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From Hunter of the Supernatural to Hellish Royalty to Carpathian Monarchs, my name is Skylar Black. I am a writer of short paranormal romances in a world where the supernatural hide beside mortals.
To see updated and new stories, please see my Wattpad account Phoebe Kells
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    The title basically sums it up. I am moving all my stories to Wattpad. The main reason is my stories are paranormal romances and all that entails and Movellas is a teenage site. I don’t think they suit this website anymore.
    You are welcome to follow me on Wattpad, my username is Phoebe Kells (my new pen name). All of the following will be available soon.
    Carpathian Monarchs (Out now in its revamped entirety)
    Hellish Royalty (revamped and in process)
    Royal Heir
    Hellish Royalty 3
    Blood and Darkness
    The Queen’s Return
    Matriarch of Fire
    Briar Wolf
    We Meet Again
    Wildfire (drafting it now)

    My account will remain on here as an archive, I have some fond memories. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented or liked my stories over the last 7 years on and off.
    Skylar Black /Phoebe Kells
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    Anguish and anger waged a war inside him, crushing his compassion and love. His jaw clenched. A glass slowly slipping out of his fingers as he swayed on unsteady feet. His heart may beat but it would never be the same again. The glass was thrown against the wall, glass shattering. Amber liquid raining down.


    She was sitting on her throne. Mahogany curls tumbled down her shoulders, meeting a cerulean blue gown. A large black diamond around her neck, surrounded by small silver ones. A sensual mouth painted red curved into a smile as she stood, holding out a hand. He reached for her. His trembling fingers grasping at air.

    “No.” He sunk to his knees. Tears glistening on his cheeks. “Come back.”
    He clutched at his heart, letting out a roar of pain.
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    Opinions and comments are welcome.

    The ground shook as a giant beast landed, folding its wings. Scales of molten gold covered it from head to tail. Balanced on four powerful legs, each sporting a set of talons. Fear sunk its icy grip into her as its golden eyes focused on her.
    She watched as it shrank. Scales becoming flesh. Muscular legs in beeches, barefoot. A shirt little more than rags on his taunt torso. Gold receding to a ring in his brown eyes.
    “I found you,” the familiar accented voice that once cried out her name.
    “Alexander,” she replied in a mixture of delight, fear and awe. He sought her out. Had scoured the English countryside before turning to its neighbour, Alanland. The scattered cattle suddenly made a lot of sense. Her body went limp.
    Alexander lunged forwards, catching her before she fall. Her soft curves pressed against the hard panes of him felt right. Just as it did that night. A part of him felt guilty. He had intended to appear human but seeing her overwhelmed his rational thinking. He reached out to stroke her cheek.
    The rustling of skirts got his attention. He looked up. A woman of surpassing beauty stood next to an older version of herself. Blond curls, an oval face and brown eyes like Danika.
    Valeria had twisted off the top of her cane, revealing a concealed blade. Which her daughter now held. She grabbed Isabel’s arm, eyes widening.
    “Darkness banished, the Carpathian Dragon!”
    Isabel hesitated, knowing too well of his tale.
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    I fricking love it
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    So this is a new project I am working on about 4 thousand words in, aiming for six. Basically Carpathian Monarchs and Blood and Darkness are loose adaptions of Dracula. Carpathian Monarchs takes elements from Dracula's arrival in England and Blood and Darkness is more about my version of Dracula's interest in Mina, Seraphina in mine.
    Somehow all that works really well for my lore. Anyways here is a sneak peek of what is to come...

    “Annalise Seares, the beloved daughter of King Alexander and his consort Danika. You were our true queen. Our hearts are heavy with loss. Our minds plagued with the mistake of trusting a traitor’s words over yours,” a male voice said.

    Seraphina startled, lost her balance. Strong arms caught her. She looked up into a pair of dark eyes beneath thick brows. A soft gasp escaped her lips. He was in his early thirties. A handsome face with a hawkish nose. Raven hair. His suit hinted at his lean muscular form.

    “Consort? Danika was his queen,” she retorted.
    He smiled. “My apologies, his queen.” He helped her to her feet. Seraphina felt eyes on her and not just his. She was also pretty sure she heard a camera click. “Nicolaus and you are?”

    “An unusual yet beautiful name.”

    “A lot of people say that.”
    He chuckled. “It doesn’t make it less so.”

    “I have to go.”
    A nod. “Of course.” Nicolaus took her right hand and brought it up to his mouth, brushing a kiss across her knuckles. “Until we meet again.”
    Further down the road, she glanced over her shoulder. He was gone. She rubbed the spot where his lips touched her as an unknown emotion fluttered through her.
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    Seraphina rose to her feet, her book slipping from her fingers. The thud drowned out by the loud boom of her heartbeat. Oliver, her husband stood in the doorway. His chest rapidly rising and falling. Pain stricken his face. There were no visible wounds. She sniffed the air, no metallic copper invaded her senses. Something had happened.
    Something bad to drive her husband into this state.

    "Oliver," she said softly.
    He crossed the room to her and she fought not to step back. The silence was scaring her. He collapsed at her feet, arms encircling her waist. A sob racked his body that had her dropping to her knees. Her fingers caressed his cheeks.

    "I was drowning and didn't think that my lifeline was sinking me too. I messed up, Seraphina. I want to reverse the clock so badly." His voice wavering.
    "We can't. I wish we could but we have to move forwards. For Marissa." She took a deep breath. "And Adrienne too." She held out her hand and he took it. "We have to."