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Music fills the soul.
Art is the color of life.
Literature covers the whole world in two words.

Hey there! I'm a potato without a good recipe name but you can call me Snow if you can't be bothered to type it. And if you can't even type Snow, well... then.... just call whatever you want!!! Just tread carefully >:)

I have been writing for about 4 years now and I write mostly about... cold stuff. Dark and cold. I like poetry but it too can be like mysterious and depressing so I don't think publishing will be a good idea. I am crazy at art and I have been drawing for like 8 years now :D
But I only do art on paper... And it usually comes out amazing... I think I am going to start some digital painting with Gimp hehe

---*Honourable Mention in the Auto-Fiction Challenge 2016*---
--*2nd Winner of the Blogging Competition 2016*---

Disney (Duh, obviously)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (call me a kid idc but this show is AWESOME)
The Avengers (oh my gosh I love the Avengers so much <3 <3 Waiting for Infinity Wars is killing me ahhhhh)
The X-Men (mainly Wolverine cuz Wolverine's cool but they are all pretty good too - esp QuickSilver xD)
Lord of the Rings (you'd have to be crazy to not be a fan xD)
The Hobbit (because J. R. R. Tolkien is amazing omg)
Harry Potter (ok, I am definitely not the biggest Potterhead around but the movies are just amazing - I have watched the entire series about four times)

and, last but certainly not least
TOM AND JERRY (my childhood favourite :') that I still love watching xD I have watched every episode a bajillion times till the past two years, I think but this cartoon series is a classic, people. Yeah, a classic.)

I appear to be nice (face it, I am quite nice... just rowdy and sarcastic at times) and I like making friends so try not to hesitate... But beware...


  • SnowPotato_
    6 months agoReply
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    Does the title have a V or not?
    We comprehend very little of our world, yet we purport to understand everything. We look to the stars yet can’t understand what is happening before us on this little rock. We understand what it takes to...
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
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    You are right as always :) my 'deliberate' mistake ��
    6 months ago
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    yeah, not really xD What am I right about, anyway? That it shouldn't have a V?

    ...or should it? :O :S
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
    Haha, it should have a v in the title :)

  • SnowPotato_
    7 months agoReply
    This is actually really awesome! Very realistic <3 <3 Keep going!

    "Text Me."  (On Hold)
    "Text Me." (On...
    Two individuals with two completely different lives. Sure, they may be miles apart, but that won't stop them. "I'll meet you one day." "Sure." "I promise."
  • SnowPotato_
    8 months agoReply
    Hi! First of all, thank you @[The Intelligence Division] for starting this amazing chain of goodness -- you're an amazing creature, for real <3 <3

    Secondly, can I please sign up? I know it's past the 1st of March so I might not be accounted for this month. But that's okay, I can wait for April :)

    1. Currently working on projects outside Movellas but there is still this thing (on Movellas) that I am working on:
    My Crystalline Edgesa mixture of original poems. a blending of different genres. written by me :)

    (it is a book of poems, by the way --- lots of different genres)

    2. Yes
    3. Covers, songs, poems, trailers, art, writing
    4. Whatever you do, it's probably the best :) and thank you <3

    The Great Movellas Gift Society
    The Great Movellas...
    A perpetually renewing monthly 'Secret Santa' to give and receive fan responses to your work. Read the introduction chapters for information on how to participate.
    The Intelligence Division
    Thank you :D I'm so glad you like this idea!
    I've put you forward for April, as I made the March assignments last night.
    Thank you for putting in an application!
    7 months ago
    Thank you for accepting me <3 :)

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