• Naomi Ackerman

    League of Warriors

    Basically like League of Legends, just wanted to change it up a bit ^-^
    If you want to join:

    (age does not matter ^-^)
    Role: (warrior, princess, wizard etc.)
    Looks and outfit:

    Mine :)
    Name: Carina
    Role: Warrior
    Personality: Caring, easy to get panicked but brave, hesitant and immature (at times)
    Skills: Can do stunts, sword-fighting and hand-to-hand combat
    BG: - (can't fill up)

    Hope somebody will join -.- lel xD

    Hakuri San
    5 years ago
    Nevermore: *Uses shadow hit* Ill protect! *uses dark souls*
    Hakuri San
    5 years ago
    Nevermore: Were both shadow! *Uses spin shadow and shadow hit* *Uses dark soul like this*
    Naomi Ackerman
    5 years ago
    Carina: Well I don't have any special abilities at all ! *punches a man in the stomach, then later slashes him on the neck*
  • Naomi Ackerman

    mumbled "Tss.."

    That awkward moment when you meet a person in Movellas you never even thought was active and when you started following that person he actually was friends with your friends... OVERWHELMING
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