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Hi I love to make horror stories and making connected universes sometimes give HINTS in bonus chapters sometimes make an oc I love fan art from ppl even tho I don't have any if you like one of my characters in my stories and want to draw them feel free to do so. I love to watch youtube. I love Marvel very much.

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    If You guys don't know X-File read one of my stories called X-File
    Zero Is Not Real
    Zero Is Not Real
    Zero Is a Pikachu who is different than other Pikachu. his fur is blue and the circles on his cheeks are black this creepypasta is DANGER The MAIN character is a girl who is abig fan of pokemon hope you...
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    Maybe ppl want a sequel to this but i'll get to that after I finish about 2 Monsters in these stories
    Have You Heard Of Mr.Nobody?
    Have You Heard Of...
    This is a story of a SINGLE MOTHER and her 5 year old daughter
    Hint some of these worlds are connected like a river and maybe just some fall down like a waterfall in the same events but different timeline(If you have theories on this story I would Love to hear them)
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    i love it
    The Wanderers
    The Wanderers
    Jason Mori always did the right thing. He spoke only when spoken to, recited his allegiance pledge every day, never missed a class, and always did his homework. He was a perfect little sheep in a perfect...
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