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  • TheCrazyMustachio
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    The blurb got me hooked. So did the quote. In fact, now I'm on my knees begging for chapters, lol. Anyways, I hope to read more of this movella. Thanks, have a great day!
    I Do Not Love You
    I Do Not Love You
    [NEW COVER BY JULIE LAURBERG] Marguerite Delacroix. That's the name of the french girl, who moved to America with her mom after her parents got divorced two years ago. She made a deal with her parents;...
    Amanda Weien
    6 years ago
    The first ones will be ready soon, so you don't have to wait much longer! :)
  • TheCrazyMustachio
    Interesting. I like the idea of a.. triple crossover? I don't know. This is pretty good for a first movella, and I'd like to see more chapters, if possible.

    There was only one or two errors that I noticed, and I think the first one was in here:
    "I'm Marine I am a 35 year old mother I have two sons Harry Potter and Percy Jackson."
    I'm not sure if you were trying to make compound sentences, if so, use comma and then the word "and," OR if you were trying to create separate sentences, if so, be sure to check if you added a period at the end. Then again, I'm typing this from my iPod, so things might be different on my screen.
    Different Worlds {On Hold}
    Different Worlds...
    After Marine Married James Potter and had Harry , James died and was killed by Voldemort . Marine married Poseidon Jackson and had Perseus Jackson. Her two sons from two different worlds are trying to...
    I'm sorry that was a mistake I will fix it
    not really i thought this was kind of "cool" and thought everything was perfect psych the first chapter wasn't the best.
    i dont get it @[whitesnowybear>3cute]
  • TheCrazyMustachio
    Hmm, seems fairly interesting and well written, good job! I like the relationship between Jen and Rose, and I'll be looking forward to updates.
    A Rose in the Winter
    A Rose in the Wint...
    This is about a peculiar 17 year old girl named Rose McGiverin who goes to school in the little town of Blenheim. She believes that love doesn't exist and that happiness is a lie. But, what happens when...
  • TheCrazyMustachio
    I just bumped into this, and your first piece of advice was really good! So umm, if you're not busy, would you mind answering this question?
    Q: What is the purpose of being alive?

    Thank you, have a great day.
    My Advice On Anything
    My Advice On Anyth...
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