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Annyeonghaseyo everyone! I'm Telink or Akiyara or Aki, whichever you prefer. I'm sixteen and in 10th grade. I don't get to see much writing of my choice, so I was searching and searching and I found Movellas! And looking at some of the writings kinda opens up my eyes to what I need to do as a young and inexperienced writer.
A little about me! I'm a little (hence my profile picture) and I'm pansexual. Please no shaming me for that, if you don't like it keep it to yourself. I'm an aspiring hip-hop/pop dancer. Practicing is a little hard but I'm self-taught so I guess that makes sense. I hope to become a good writer here. Annyeong!!!

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    mumbled "Does anyone wanna be my Mommy Dom or Cg?"

    I'm a little looking for a dom or caregiver. I know this isn't really the place but, I'm really wanting one. So if you would like to try, send me a pm!

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