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Hey guys. I'm more of a reader than a writer... And I'm not on here a lot. Like the old-fashioned, I prefer hard copies. A lot of the time I'm bored. If you wanna find me on something. You might get a cookie lol. Or a number... Depends. Byeeeeeeee

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    mumbled "Story ideas"

    Ok guys so I have some pretty cool ideas for stories but I need help. I'm new and I'm not much of a writer yet with a vast imagination to bring. If anyone wants to help please message me and we will co-author. It doesn't matter who publishes. I like fantasy and fanfiction. :3
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    How did I know BTS would be in this..? My sister is a huge fan of theirs. She never shuts up lol
    Silver Rose {GOT7's Yugyeom}
    Silver Rose {GOT7'...
    Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself caught in the crossfire of a supernatural...
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