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I'm not as normal as some people may think I am..

I love listening to PTV, SWS, ATL and BMT. I love reading but I hate getting to the end of a book.
Here's some random facts about me:
1, I love Divergent and Insurgent.
2, I am really random.
3, I have a bad temper.
4, I'm crushing....
5, if people would stop and think before they act school would most probably be a better place.
6, If i don't like you I wont talk to you.
7, I believe in thing that some people wouldn't think twice about.
8, I can give people advice about almost anything seeing how I've been though it all.
9, I hate math.
10, I'm British

well that's enough about me.
bye, bye *waves*

  • City of Dreams

    mumbled "One other thing..."

    I just deleted the old version of "not giving up", so if more people could read the movella with the two girls on it (also called Not Giving Up) that would be great. :)
  • City of Dreams

    mumbled "Author's Note: changes and updates"

    I did one tiny change to "Not Giving Up" (new version) which was the chapter title. Instead of saying chapter 1 was the prologue I changed it so the chapter will say Prologue.
    Another thing: I will mostly update from my phone, so if it says that i haven't updated the story in a week then let me know and I'll fix it. Also any feedback is welcomed..even hate.. :) I'll start to write chapter 1 so it should be up soon.

    (hope that makes sense. P.s sorry that I keep saying "hope that makes sense" also I hope at least someone reads all of this. sorry it's so long.) :/ :)
  • City of Dreams
    please note this is the old version, which will not be updated. I'm working on the new version, once the new version is up this version will be deleted :/
    Not Giving Up
    Not Giving Up
    Having a friend is great but when they suddenly go missing the next day things don't seem normal. The day Scarlett turned seven was the day her best friend and parents went missing. All Scarlett wants...
  • City of Dreams

    mumbled "New idea's and answers."

    My story 'Lost Memories' most probably wont be finished since I have no idea what I was going to do with it. The story was originally only meant for a school project but I thought I would change the setting and put it on here.

    My other movella 'Not Giving Up' will change dramatically, seeing as I hate the way I wrote everything. Some ideas of the story will stay the same but others wont be so lucky. Once I have a good start on the story I will post it, I will try extremely hard to write it but with all the school assignments happening right now it will be hard.

    Sorry it was such a long mumble but I felt like I had to explain why I wasn't writing and what I was going to do, I hope my other mumbles will be better than this one.
    (P.s I hope all of that made sense :) )
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