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Hey people!
My account is inactive, but my stories and account will still be up so people can read what I've written.
I'll also probably return to this account one day, but my life is pretty hectic at the moment so it won't be soon.
Sorry guys!
Angel <3

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    Omg this is so amazing!! :)
    Baby, Tell Me Something I Don't Know...
    Baby, Tell Me Some...
    Selena Gomez is an average 17 year old at high school. Before Justin became a star, Selena and Justin were soulmates and they shared an in separable bond with each other. They always promised each other...
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    THANKS <3 ;) hahah ily
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    mumbled "Updating"

    I was gonna update on Sunday, but I HAVE THE PLAGUE, so it's been a little hard. Gonna try and update, but please don't hate me if there's errors as I can't think straight and my head is having a raging party.
    ^-^ ANGEL
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