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I turn some ideas into stories and try to make things interesting. Still new at this whole writing thing, I'm not a pro and I'm definitely not experienced, but read them if you're feeling like it.

If you're reading this, I might not know you or what you've been through, but you're beautiful and I hope you'll have a good day. I might just be an average teen, but I try and make people smile, just continue to be you and tiful will naturally come after. =)

"Something as simple as a smile can inspire others, so continue to inspire the world."

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    mumbled "JUST PUBLISHED! :)"

    Hey guys! I just published the prologue to the first book of the (possibly) trilogy- Puppy Love, I already finished writing the first chapter and I'm pretty excited to say the least. Once I reach 5 votes (?), I'll post the first chapter!
    Love you all and stay beautiful, Andrea
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    mumbled "STARTING A SERIES?! "

    Hey guys! I know it hasn't been long since the last mumble, but I thought of starting a series. Right now, I have two story ideas and I wouldn't mind focusing on one first and after completing it, continuing the second one. Since it's a series, it will be connected in some way but the main characters are different, they're just in the same neighbourhood (?!) and maybe even same school (?!) This is just an idea, I have no idea how it's gonna work out but I have a lot more time on my hands since I had just finished my exams a week or two ago and I have holidays in two weeks! I'm not sure how frequently I would update because I never seem to be very happy with my chapters since they're so short, but I want your opinion. Would you guys want quick and short chapters (the ideas would be fresh) or long and slower chapters (the ideas would be a little hazier)? I prefer shorter chapters, but honestly I write my chapters in one go so it really depends how my brain is working on that day. I REALLY VALUE YOUR OPINION SO DON'T HESITATE TO REPLY! :)
    By the way, if you guys want a couple spoilers, just ask! =) Haha
    Love you guys <3 Andrea
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    mumbled "IM BACK! :) "

    Hey guys, omg it's been so long! I was on Wattpad for a bit because I liked how the app format was and how there were less bugs, but I realised that it's so much harder to get discovered, so I've decided to put my story up on both websites! I'm thinking of a new story right now, I had an amazing idea in Science class but I forgot it now, so I'm trying really hard to remember haha. I don't know if you guys are still willing to read my stories, but I'd appreciate the support! I have a new username unsocially, which is also my username on Wattpad by the way, but my pen name is still Socially Awkward! :)
    Love you guys so much! <3 Andrea
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    6 years ago
    Hey Taylor! I'm sorry but I don't remember you, what was your old username? My memory is about as good as a goldfish's :P We should talk more haha :)
    Love <3 Andrea
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    6 years ago
    It's been great, it's currently night time here and I have an assignment due ahaha. Procrastinating my ass off. I'm sorry I don't remember you! My brain is still not functioning properly since exams finished a little while ago. Thanks for fanning! <3 Andrea
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    6 years ago
    I fanned, I'll make sure to read your book tomorrow morning. I still need to rush my assignment ahaha. Hope you'll have a great day =)
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    HEY CASS! I was really hoping you could do a cover for my Wattpad fanfic.
    1) My Beautiful Nightmare
    2) thefaultinourwifix
    3) Ever since Megan was 6, she would have the samenightmare of a man stealing away her heart every night. One day, a mysterious young boy moves to her neighborhood, and her nightmare comes to life, finding herself loving it, and hating it at the same time. Megan likes to call it her beautiful nightmare.
    4) Bella Thorne (aka Megan) & Matt Espinosa & Lily Collins (aka Taylor)
    5) I was thinking of maybe just Bella (aka Megan) is in between Lily (aka Taylor) and Matt, and then there's light on Lily's side and darkness on Matt's side. If it doesn't fit, then it can just be Matt and Bella.
    6) It's on Wattpad, and I haven't published it yet, but I'll put the link after I publish it! :)
    7) Thank you soo much for doing this for me! :) Love ya! <4 (it's a divergent thing lol)
    Cassidy's Covers [2]
    Cassidy's Covers...
    Hi again cx so, I unpublished my other 'cover store' movella because it was getting to be a lot, so I've made another one just to start fresh. ☼ Requirements in chapter 1! ☼
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    6 years ago
    If possible, could you add "This nightmare will never end" to the cover? If not, then it's okay.. Thanks cass!
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    Hey again! I'm planning on writing a different Movella!
    Name: Once Upon a Dreamer
    Author: Me again lol
    Blurb: Ever since Megan was a little girl, she always dreamed of attending the Kids Choice Awards, seeing all those stars on the stage in front of her eyes was like to win the lottery. For Megan's 16th birthday, Tiffany surprises her with a ticket to attend the Kids Choice Awards. She meets a special star, and it's like her dreams are coming to life.
    Main characters: Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Megan (Chrissy Costanza) & Tiffany (Tiffany Alvord)
    Picture: I don't really know... So this one is up to you. But maybe like make the background look like its a fantasy or a dream
    Thank you sooooo much!!
    Cassidy's Covers [CLOSED]
    Cassidy's Covers...
    [Temporarily closed while I finish up all the requests I have! PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT MORE REQUESTS WHILE I AM CLOSED!] Hi all you wonderful people! Since I haven't gotten back into the swing of writing...
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    6 years ago
    Sorry.. It's not the kids choice awards. It the teens choice awards.
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