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Lolz meme?
The name is Aspen.
I'm shook
Socially awkward
Trying to be Tumblr is hard work. -Aspen Carter

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    mumbled "To my beautiful girl"

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    You will be missed Aspen A. Clark. You were the most beautiful girl i have ever known. So sad that you had to die the way you did. You were my best friend and my first love. I hope that one day we met again. To all the nights we stayed up till 6 am talking on the phone and facetimeing, To all the time we said "I love you", To all the wake up text we use to send before heading to school. I'm so sad that we will never meet in person, live in New York, Pursue our dream jobs together, adopt our two future kids Emile and Jaden. Bye Aspen you will be my love forever.
  • Lol.Okay
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    Come back... Pls...I love you, babe.
    The Ride
    The Ride
    Lauren Chandler was a good girl. Never causing much trouble. Jake Pierson was the opposite, always making trouble for everyone. One day Lauren got a text from Jake asking for help on his math homework....
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