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    Is it possible to combine two subjects into one and only enter it into one category? I could see where a poem about New Beginnings could also slide into a “I still remember when” opening line as for a new beginning, you have to give some kind of insight as to why it’s time for a new beginning....Otherwise, readers will be left in the dark.
    Cecilie Reckendorff
    For sure! You are very welcome to combine them into one. As long as your entry fit into one of the options, that's fine, if they fit into two, that's very fine too. :D
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    Awesome! Thank you! :)
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    Vampire Roleplay (Similiar to Twilight involving some of the characters)

    Anyone can join but beware that some of the content might possibly be mature and if you aren't up for mature scenes then this might not be for you..

    Vampire, Werewolf, Hunter, or Human; Which one are you?
    Choose your side and follow along with this roleplay.
    Take note that the vampires in this RP are like the ones in Twilight--You can be a full-on Vampire or you can be a Vegetarian.
    If you want a romance then please create a separate character for someone else to play or ask someone to create a character for you.

    Here is the form, just copy and paste in comments, mine will be below the blank one.

    If Vampire what are your gifts:
    (Take note that these abilities already come with being a Vampire; Superspeed, Super Strength, Heightened Senses and Flying)
    Relationship status:

    Name: Feather
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, green eyes, slim-toned figure.
    Species: Hunter/Human
    Backstory: Her Father was a Hunter, her mother was human and as she grew, her father taught her the trade of her past generations. However, one night changed her forever, leaving her alone to get revenge for what was lost.
    Her mother was killed by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves, while her father was killed in a fight against a vampire.
    She made a promise to them that night that she would be the most feared hunter there ever was and to this day, she has kept her promise.
    But now, she's ready for a change...For a new life.
    Moving to this new small town, she hopes to start fresh and move on with her life, leaving revenge behind her.
    She might act coldhearted and stuck-up, but it's only because her past heartbreaks have made her strong and guarded; Along with the fact that she has to hide what she is from everyone.
    Likes: Music/Traveling/Being Outside and Trying New Things
    Dislikes: Rude People/Immaturity in guys
    Relationship status: Single, but is Blake's mate.

    Name: Blake Night
    Age: Appears to be 21, he is actually over two centuries old
    Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes and a strong-toned figure.
    Species: Vampire
    If Vampire what are your gifts: Excelled in fighting, tracking and protection skills. Senses are super heightened making it a bit harder to resist blood but he is still learning how to control it.
    (Take note that these abilities already come with being a Vampire; Superspeed, Super Strength, Heightened Senses and Flying)
    Backstory: Carlisle found him in a bad situation and changed him. Now he lives with them, but from time to time, wanders off on his own. He is mysterious and very protective of his family and Feather, but is still willing to give everyone their space. His eyes are different from the Cullens or a normal vampires though, as they are an indecscribable blue color.
    Likes: Music/Reading/Thinking/Peace and Quiet
    Dislikes: People who threaten his family
    Relationship status: Single, but is Feather's mate.

    Hope you will join! :)
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