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I've always loved to write. But until very recently it was something I did only for my own entertainment. My parents have always said they thought I had a talent for writing because I apparently have a wild imagination, but that's what parents are supposed to say right? Now I've reached a point though, where I'd love some feedback from people who doesn't know me, and I'd at the same time love to read stories and work of others.

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    Loved this story. You're great at describing everything in detail. So sad, but really good work!
    My Blood
    My Blood
    A Hunger Games fan fiction. Please support me in the contest! :D The video to the right does not seem to be working so here is a link to the original trailer for The Hunger Games: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNxb28j...
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    Thank you Unmasked!
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