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I LOVE BANDS (obviously)

Other than that there's not much (and if there is I'm pretty sure you don't care enough to remember it) I love music, books, live music, my friends, my phone, laptop, etc. I love food, writing, art and many more

What I do to pass my time is write, think, read, nap, eat, use my laptop due to lack of anything better to do. I absolutely love to draw, and I combined my love for ATL and drawing and successfully draw ATL. It's on portrait so there's not a group drawing, it's just one of them in a piece of paper. Sad I know, but I'm working on the group drawing.

My hobbies are swimming, badminton, running, and yoga. With those are my hobbies you'd think I'm a fit person, far from it actually I hate doing physical stuff. I only do these hobbies because I need exercise, the only sport I want to do is badminton, but along the way I've learned other sports.

And believe it or not I love other bands too; Blink-182, Fall out Boy, Make out Monday, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, You Me at Six, etc...

So that's all about it.... Nothing special

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