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im 15, im bi. very depressed with a side order of anxiety. well not that matters since no one will read anything i post. i love writing and will help anyone with their stories, my creativity often out ways everything else so i tend not to be able to do well in writing.

*taken by the best, she says im the best but truly she is*


by , Sunday September 25, 2016

no one roleplays at night :(

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  • Person154

    Pokemon rp!

    4 years agoReply
    classic rp rules
    only one mega per party
    can make up megas
    6 pokemon per party
    players can be pokemon
    genetically altered pokemon allowed

    name: umbri
    trainer or pokemon: pokeon
    type of pokemon: umbreon who was genetically altered to have the dna of leafeon, espeon, sylveon and his umbreon dna
    party: n/a
    whos your trainer: n/a
    4 years ago
    trainer sheet

    party: (name 1-6 pokemon)
    home town:
    any special features for your pokemon:
    any special features for you:

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