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Hello! I don't know what to put here so lets go with the basics!
I'm Samar. I'm 15 years old.
My favourite musicians are One Direction, 5SOS, Justin Bieber, Little Mix, The Beatles, The Frat, Ed Sheeren, Katy Perry, Cody Simpson and others!, I mostly listen to One Direction and 5SOS though.

I like writing, reading, drawing, goofing around, telling jokes and making people laugh! I'm sassy, weird and nice! I love food and I hate mornings. I like looking at animals rather than being around them and I am really talkative. I'm a HUGE Directioner, for life, I will always be.

I love all of One Direction's songs and I am obsessed with them.
I don't have a favourite member, I thought I did but I think I even them out pretty much, but maybe Niall and Harry? I dunno.

My favourite 1D Bromances are Larry, Narry, Lirry, Zarry, Niam, Ziam and Ziall. I don't really ship any bromance with Louis besides Larry, I'm a huge Larry shipper. I also ship Zianourry big time!

Wattpad: Summer1245
Quotev: Summer
Tumblr: zianourry1245 (http://zianourry1245.tumblr.com/)
Twitter: @HazzaBoo1994 , @Nialler_Rules19 , @HazzeyBear1994 and @FanBoyLuke
Instagram: summersurprise (the first one) & zianourry_princess

Bye!! (: xx <3 !!
Message Me If You'd Like! :)
You're Cute As A Button Every Single One Of You. xx

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    If anyone wants to read any of my stories, you should search me up on Wattpad, I've got all my stories that are here updated there and even more pretty cool stories. Movellas is strange on the website and app and I can't really update anything here, so I apologise for that! Love you guys! Cya later! xx
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    mumbled "Sorry My Lovelies!! ;)"

    Sorry I haven't updated in a long time!! I hardly go on my computer and I'm on my iPod a lot more so I update there.... On Wattpad, because I don't have the Movellas app, I should get it though, if they have it....
    Anyways I'll put up my chapters!!!
    Also I wrote new stories!!! YAY!!!!
    7 years ago
    How can i search your novels in wattpad?, i have the app
    7 years ago
    You go where it says "Discover" and it will show a search box, you have to write the username, or authors name there!! My username on Wattpad is summer1245 and it has a Narry picture as the profile picture!!! :) <3 xxx
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    mumbled "New Stories!! xxx"

    Hey guys!!
    So I added a lot of new stories on Movellas, they are from my Wattpad. I hope you guys like them, comment and tell me what you think?!
    Thank You!!!
    Love You Guys!!! xxx
    One Direction All The Way!! lol I dunno......
    Byee!! :) xxx
    7 years ago
    like your stories can
    mine called breathe me
    7 years ago
    I can't read it because it's for 16+ but the description sounds good!!
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    mumbled "School Starts TOMORROW!!"

    NO!!! :(
    School starts tomorrow...
    At least I'm only there for like an hour, to get my schedule and meet my homeroom teacher,
    But they after tomorrow is a regular school day!!!
    That's like 8 hours of school!!!
    5 DAYS a WEEK!!!!
    Oh my goodness!!! :o
    Mmm I'll survive lol...
    I get to see my friends.... YAHOOO!!! :D
    Updating may, or probably WILL be slow.. :(
    Sorry!! *heavy sigh*
    7 years ago
    Day after tomorrow*
    7 years ago
    OH MY GAWWWD!!!! How do you survive??!! I would be like x.x !!!!!!
    That's insane!!! I feel so bad for you!!! :o :o
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