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  • Zoe  Lau

    mumbled "CAN SOMEONE HELP"

    4 years agoReply
    I do not know how to set my age.....It's not letting me to and I can't read books I want so can someone help!!I'm new sooo PLEASEEE
    Mister Tea
    4 years ago
    Hi Zoe, if you get in to the edit profile section, which you can access from the drop-down list by pressing the little triangle at the top of the page next to your profile pic. In case you don't know that already.

    Then once you're in the edit section at the end of the line that says birth date click on the square box and a calendar should appear at the top of it you can set the month and year of your birth and then the date in the main bit underneath.

    Hope that is clear and helps.
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